What is Assistive Technology (AT)?
Assistive Technology (often called AT) refers to equipment and devices that help people to move, communicate, play, learn, work and participate in the community. AT can include anything from a simple device in the kitchen (such as a tap turner to make using them easier), to a powered wheelchair or eye gaze software controlled communication device.

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NovitaTech specialises in the supply, assessment, modification, testing and maintenance of AT. For more than 40 years, we have been developing and delivering innovative customised solutions to help improve the life of people living with disability. We work with adults, kids, families and carers to select, set-up and access the most appropriate AT to assist with mobility, communication, education and daily living needs.

We offer a full range of services from assessment and prescription, to review, advice and information regarding all different types of AT. NovitaTech can also procure and purchase AT on your behalf. We are also recognised prescribers with various equipment funding schemes.

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It is important that the equipment fits the individual’s needs and everyone’s needs are different. This is why we hold Clinics, where you or your child can come along to be assessed and try out equipment that may be suited to your needs before purchasing it. We run Clinics for walkers, powered mobility, shower chairs and modified bikes.

We also provide training and support whilst you or your child are adjusting to and using new types of AT. This is provided at a one on one level or in a group setting, and can also be provided to other community groups such as a child’s school.

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New Assistive Tech Centre Opens

With technology rapidly changing and improving the world of people living with disability, NovitaTech is at the forefront of research and new product development.

The new NovitaTech Assistive Technology Centre at 1 South Road, Thebarton offers a full range of products, services and supports for people living with disability including orthotics, communication devices, wheelchair and seating support, home modifications, and NovitaTech’s respected Test Laboratory.

A special feature of the new Centre is the Assistive Technology Showroom which provides clients and their families with a welcoming space to inspect and try out some of the devices and equipment available through NovitaTech.

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From communication devices to mobility support we offer a full range of services to suit your AT needs.

Access and Communication Technology Specialist (ACTS) Service: we offer a specialist service that provides prescription support and training to therapists working with children and adults in the areas of Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Environmental Control and Computer Access Technology.

Mobility and seating: our mobility and seating team specialises in the assessment, design and fabrication of custom solutions for clients with mild to complex AT needs. Working with you and your family, we aim to tailor the equipment item to ensure it is comfortable, supportive and functional for everyday activities.

Orthotics: we fabricate a broad range of orthotic devices to help in supporting or correcting certain muscles and bone structures. Our orthotics team will work closely with you, your child and others in your support team, such as family members and physiotherapists, to meet individual needs and maximise support and function using the latest 3D technology.

Repairs and maintenance: We have experienced technicians, rehabilitation engineers, therapists and allied health assistants who will work with you to provide the best outcome for you or your child when it comes to repairing and maintaining your assistive technology. At our onsite mechanical and electronic workshops, your assistive technology will be repaired quickly and professionally by our team. We also offer mobile repairs and maintenance services for your convenience.

Home and building modifications: Novitatech’s occupational therapists have the skills and experience to work with you, and your family, to find options that will make your environment easier to use, safer, and support your independence. Our home modifications team can visit you in your home to help and guide you on the latest AT and how to set it up. We can also help you plan and gain NDIS funding approval. We also supply, install and maintain equipment, so you can focus on getting the maximum benefit.

Test Laboratory: Novitatech’s Test Laboratory is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and provides an independent mechanical testing service for medical and disability products to Australian and International standards. Repairs and maintenance: we also have fully equipped mechanical and electronic workshops and qualified technicians who can complete repairs and maintenance on your Assistive Technology.

NovitaTech’s staff can work directly with you, or with you and your chosen service provider to find the best Assistive Technology solutions for you.


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