About Novitatech | Novita

Novitatech helps individuals to access Assistive Technology (often called AT) to help them move, play, learn and work. If you or your child have difficulty with independently or safely doing everyday tasks, there is a strong chance that the right AT will make an important difference in your life.

Assistive Technology solutions for children, adults, carers and disability workers

Assistive Technology refers to equipment and devices which can include anything from a simple device in the kitchen (such as a tap turner to make using them easier), to a powered wheelchair or eye gaze controlled communication device.

Novitatech’s staff have specialised knowledge and skills to help children, adults, families, carers select, set-up and access the most appropriate AT to assist with mobility, communication, education and daily living.

Novitatech’s staff can work directly with you, or with you and your chosen service provider to find the best Assistive Technology solutions for you.

Who makes up the Novitatech team?

Our Novitatech team includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, allied health assistants, rehabilitation engineers, orthotists and technicians.