LusioMATE a great therapy tool for families and therapists during COVID-19 crisis (and beyond)

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A unique wearable gaming device that can make at-home physical therapy sessions fun and motivating for people living with disability – especially kids – is proving to be an important tool to continue therapy and exercise during the COVID-19 crisis.

The LusioMATE controller – which is available through Novitatech – can be strapped to any part of the body and connected to any mobile device so that occupational therapists and physiotherapists can prescribe physical activities for their clients to do at home, based on their movement goals, by playing a game in a fun and motivational way.

And with growing numbers of people turning to telehealth for their medical and disability services and supports during the crisis, LusioMATE is an ideal tool for therapists and clients to maintain the focus on their goals.

Justin Keenan, the co-founder of Lusio Rehab, says the original idea behind LusioMATE was ‘rehabilitation without boundaries’, which is now more important than ever due to the government restrictions we’re all living under because of the virus.

“One of the most important benefits of LusioMATE for therapists is that they can connect directly with their clients through telehealth to keep tabs on how they’re progressing, give them encouragement, and make prescriptive changes if necessary to ensure their clients remain on track to achieve their movement goals,” he says.

“LusioMATE also helps to make physical activities and exercise at home fun because it’s in the context of playing a game. Therapists can therefore be confident that telehealth therapy sessions will be meaningful because clients are more likely to be following their instructions, and they can track their progress.

“LusioMATE also has a very easy to follow and intuitive user guide, so families and carers can have the controller up and running and connected very quickly.”

Novita and Novitatech are committed to continuing to deliver our services and supports to our clients and their families through the COVID-19 crisis, and so we’re implementing new, flexible and innovative ways to deliver those services to meet the government advice and restrictions that are in place.

Therapy sessions via telehealth is one of the measures we’re implementing, and we’re encouraging our therapists and their clients to consider LusioMATE as a way to further enhance the telehealth experience.

There are two options for families who think using LusioMATE could support at-home therapy sessions in a fun and motivating way:

  • Novitatech has some sets of LusioMATE available for short-term hire. We will thoroughly clean the controllers and can send them to your home via express post.
  • You can buy a LusioMATE set through the manufacturer Lusio Rehab, which is offering an initial month-to-month or three month plan. This can be funded through your NDIS plan core supports.

For more information about LusioMATE and to discuss the options available to you, talk to your therapist or contact Novita on 1300 668 482 or send us a message online.