NovitaTech PODD A4 Stand

This PODD Cover with Stand allows hands free use, adjusts and holds so it is easy to see and use by both the PODD user and partner.

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Our PODD users have told us that in the busyness of day-to-day communication it is often more convenient to have their PODD positioned at an angle so they can see and use the PODD more easily. Listening to this feedback, we designed this versatile and adjustable PODD stand.

This PODD Stand holds in place so it is easy to see and access by both the PODD user and partner. The stand is professionally finished in a material called Cordura, which means it is tough, water resistant and easy to clean.

This item meets the NDIS definition of “Level 1” (basic – low cost, low risk). If your NDIS planner has included funding for low cost and low-risk assistive technology in the CORE Supports section of your plan, you may be able to purchase this item using this funding from your plan.

PODD not included.
Do not submerge in any fluids. Wipe off any fluids immediately with a soft cloth.

Product Specifications:
250 × 350 millimetres or 9 7/8 × 13 3/4 inches
Black matt covers front and back.
Weight without PODD is 470 grams

30 day warranty

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 35 × 27 × 1 cm