Helpful Information

Your guide to the 2018/19 NDIS rate increases

New NDIS pricing came into effect on 1 July 2018. The NDIS updates the rates each year to take into account things like changes in service costs and wage rates.

The good news is the funding in your NDIS plan budget and service bookings also increase automatically to match the new rates. This means there will be no impact on the amount of support you are able to purchase.

Therapy Services

From 1 July, Novita’s price for Therapy Services will be aligned with the new NDIS benchmark rates, priced at $179.26 per hour, except for people in remote parts of Australia where an additional loading applies in line with the NDIS Price Guide.

Support Coordination

The price for Support Coordination will also align with the new NDIS benchmark rates, priced from $96.04 per hour.

You can find further details on new NDIS pricing for all services here.

Changes have also been made to Novita’s Travel Pricing and Cancellation Policy to align with the new NDIS Price Guide.

What we bill for

To support you in achieving your outcomes and goals, our Novita staff work behind the scenes to provide you the best possible services, in addition to your face-to-face appointment. As well as the personalised consultations with you face-to-face (or on the phone), our therapists, social workers, educators and allied health assistants support you by undertaking work such as coordinating your services, sourcing equipment, writing progress reports and organising any referrals.

Where necessary, these services will be billed at the hourly rate as part of the service we provide. At times this may mean additional time is charged in addition to the face-to-face time. For example, a 50 minute face- to-face session may attract a 60 minute charge to allow for this additional work. Novita is committed to you and your goals, and this will ensure we can continue to support you in all the work we do.