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Holistic approach to mobility and seating at Novitatech

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As one of South Australia’s largest providers of mobility and seating services for people living with disability, Novitatech takes a holistic approach to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients and their families.

Occupational Therapist Amy Stoeckel has recently joined the Novitatech team as a Mobility and Seating Clinician, and she says supporting a client to achieve their goals with appropriate equipment is very rewarding and the results speak for themselves.

“The Novitatech team is quite specialised, with trade-qualified technicians and a complex level of customisation that can be achieved. Having this in-house means we can deliver a high-quality service for our clients and families,” says Amy.

“A wheelchair can be the only form of mobility for some people living with disability, so it’s crucial that we find the most appropriate configuration for them. We want their wheelchair to enable them to participate in their community, rather than being a barrier which can be the case”

 Amy began her career as a graduate Occupational Therapist in the aged care and community rehabilitation sector five years ago.

“I’ve been working for the past four years as a senior therapist in the disability field, including Aquatic Therapy with paediatrics and adolescents,” she says.

“The Mobility and Seating Clinician role is quite specialised. We are qualified allied health professionals and rehabilitation engineers, and at this stage of my career I want to develop a more specialised skillset which is what attracted me to the role.

“It’s also really interesting to work alongside the Novitatech technicians, to see how we can collaborate to support our clients and families.”

Novitatech’s Mobility and Seating team fabricate custom and complex equipment to suit the needs of people living with disability. Working with clients and their families, the team aims to tailor wheelchairs, walkers, standing frames, posture chairs and beds to ensure they are comfortable, supportive and functional for everyday activities.

You can find out more about Novitatech’s Seating and Mobility Service here.